[LAD] jack_set_port_connect_callback

Sigmund Gudvangen Sigmund.Gudvangen at protonmail.com
Sun Mar 22 00:11:16 CET 2020


I am trying to detect port connection and deconnection, using a callback function, thus:

void JackPortInfo::connectionJackCallback(jack_port_id_t a, jack_port_id_t b, int connect, void* arg)  // deceard as static
    qDebug() << "JackPortInfo::connectionJackCallback()";

bool JackPortInfo::initPortCallback()
    int check;
    if ((check = jack_set_port_connect_callback(client, connectionJackCallback, this)))
       qDebug() << "check: " << check;
I call initPortCallback() just after
and it returns NULL, so this part looks OK. However, connectionJackCallback is not called when I start/stop Audacity. What am I overlooking?

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