[LAD] [LAA] [LAU] Mamba - Virtual Midi keyboard for Jack Audio Connection Kit release 1.5

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Sep 19 07:38:41 CEST 2020


Mamba release v1.5 is out

Mamba is a Virtual MIDI keyboard with some extended, unique features.

So it could load/play and save MIDI files, it visualize the played files
on the keyboard, were it use a unique color for each channel. you could
visualize a single channel, or all together at once.

It could record your playing and play it back as endless loop. You could
record a loop for each channel while the other channels still play.
Note, that the loops don't be synced. So this is not for composing
classic music, but to create Psychedelic Trance floors. Truly you could
save your work as MIDI file and rework it in the DAW of your choice.

It will record as well all incoming MIDI messages, so you could use it
as well to record your external MIDI controller.

Mamba also includes support by fluidsynth, you could load a soundfont
and directly play along.

It include controls for the fluidsynth reverb and chorus, and a selector
to select a instrument/patch for each channel.

Mamba will keep it's settings, so once a soundfont is loaded, on the
next start you could just play along with the keyboard. You could load a
new soundfont at any time.

To use it as a plain MIDI keyboard again, you just need to exit
fluidsynth via the menu and connect Mamba with the synth of your choice.

Mamba is released under the BSD Zero Clause License license

The GUI is build on libxputty - A damn tiny abstraction Layer to create
X11 window/widgets with cairo surfaces


To build Mamba from source, the following dependencies must be meat.

  * libfluidsynth-dev
  * libc6-dev
  * libsmf-dev
  * libcairo2-dev
  * libx11-dev
  * liblo-dev
  * libsigc++-2.0-dev
  * libjack-(jackd2)-dev

So, here is the project page:


and here you'll find the last release:




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