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Marcos Guglielmetti marcospcmusica at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 04:53:54 EDT 2008

El Martes, 5 de Agosto de 2008 12:11, Daniel James escribió:
 | Hi Marcos,
 | > We are now testing:
 | >
 | > linux-image-2.6.26-libre - Linux kernel binary image for version
 | > 2.6.26-libre
 | >
 | > but it's not yet realtime patched.

Now, it's realtime


 | I'd be interested to know how you get on with that kernel.

Alexandre Oliva <lxoliva at fsfla.org> builds the *libre kernels (without 
the Linux blobs)

Tapani Räikkönen <tapani.raikkonen at ilmainen.net> builds the Musix 
kernels from there. 

We are testing the *libre kernels. There are no problems with them, 
but, because Musix is a Live CD-DVD distro, we need aufs and we could 
not build the kernel using the realtime patches+aufs, for now.

Alexandre and Tapani are trying it, maybe Free could help, I dont 
know, maybe we all could work together.

This mailing list should be good?


We are not using squashfs for now, because knoppix does not use it 
(but in the short future, that's possible). 

 | Perhaps 
 | we can arrive at a shared config or even binaries that all
 | Debian-derived multimedia distros can use.

Well: that's possible, we use Debian ETCH for now, so all the kernel 
headers will work fine on ETCH. But we will move on the near future, 
I think.

 | I know of four based on 
 | Debian - Musix, 64 Studio, Ubuntu Studio and Pure:Dyne, but there
 | may be others.


 | Plus there are the users of regular Debian who need 
 | an RT kernel.

Yes, there are some kernels from Musix that they/you can use

# Musix GNU+Linux (stable+backports) /etc/apt/sources.list
#deb ftp://musix.ourproject.org/pub/musix/deb/ ./

Also, Gilberto Borges included a function on the musixcontrol panel to 
make a realtime enabled Debian distro from any debian based distro.


 | Are you doing anything with Debian Lenny yet? 

No: just SID: testing SID to see what happens :), but we are not 
focused on SID for now, we are just happy with ETCH, backporting some 
packages (ardour and so), so it's not necessary to upgrade to lenny 
or sid for now

 | Our experience is 
 | that it's not really stable enough to recommend to users, so our
 | main concern is to solve multimedia package bugs. There is no
 | Ardour in Lenny, for instance.

I did not knew that! that's odd!

 | > We at Argentina are introducing FOSS Musix GNU+Linux on music
 | > schools; for now, the experience is great!
 | I recently wrote an article about using GNU/Linux in a school
 | music club, and because of that I was asked to help with
 | music-related information for http://www.schoolforge.net/

Great! this web page is cool

What is exactly the article's URL


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