[LAT] [Fwd: [pure:dyne] a working rt-kernel -- please test]

aymeric mansoux aymeric at goto10.org
Thu Aug 7 13:52:54 EDT 2008

Hey Robin,

Robin Gareus said :
> All right, that was too much of a good thing to escape Murphy's notice -
> after ~45 mins the system froze.

Karsten had the same problem
the only one he tried on his machine that was not eventually freezing was
the current p:d kernel 

using the same config moved to a more recent kernel + rt patches = freeze

but it's hard to tell what is the problem, Karsten and I have both very 
similar machines and on mine one of his "problem" config was not freezing 
at all. Maybe I should have waited longer ...?

His machine was freezing when running sc + iceweasel, and mine was fine
with Pd + iceweasel. We used the same limits.conf but he was using
rtirq.sh, not me.

Maybe we could try to see how to reproduce the freeze?

> any ideas on how to trace this if it happens again? - I can not switch
> to the console or use SysRQ! - nothing in kern.log either - most
> probably it isn't flushed to disk when the system gets stuck.

If it's the same type of freezes he had so far for different type of
kernel/config, then it's a complete system lock.

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