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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Aug 8 09:58:57 EDT 2008

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aymeric mansoux wrote:
> krgn said :
>> On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 12:04 AM, krgn <k.gebbert at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> one or 2 quick addedums:
>>> ubuntu hardy kernel works great for me. it is presumably compiled with a
>>> different version of gcc, 4.2.3. could this be the source of the problems?
>> oops, I sent too early: one thing I will test is to compile the exact
>> version of ubuntu kernel with same config on my machine and run it - if it
>> hard locks that I'll look into how to change the default compiler and try to
>> compile the other kernels with that, just to rule this out as a source for
>> problems.
> Yes I was going to suggest that, if you think your system is the source
> of the problem and generates bogus binaries, then get the deb source of
> the ubuntu rt kernel and compile it locally. (don;t forget to apply the
> patches).
> On the config side,
> one thing to check as well, is the default ARCH that the kernel is
> compiled for, all the p:d style kernel config are set to PIII, I would
> imagine a generic Ubuntu kernel is just plain Pentium. 
I get the same freezes
 and  CONFIG_M586=y         CONFIG_X86_GENERIC=y

You guys are way ahead!  I was going to suggest cherry-picking
Which exhibits the same problem.

Collecting patches probably yields a distributable binary in shorter time.

I'll look into DNS for git.linuxaudio.org and we should discuss
collaborative work-flow in a different thread.

just brainstorming: would sth along the lines of
http://fate.multimedia.cx/ be feasible for rt-linux? - well, the
"tests-passed" is obviously crazy to implement. But a "per compiler"
"per ARCH" public stderr is definitely nifty. and I'd be surprised if
there is no such system yet ;) - it's hard to keep track these days..
While I do know my way around, I'm not a kernel hacker.

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