[LAT] 2.6 stable

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Aug 19 01:40:59 EDT 2008

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Hey guys,

After bleeding-edge linux-tuning and some br0ken 2.6.25's what are
candidates for a stable audio setup?

I'm currently running " #3 SMP PREEMPT RT" from
http://guests.goto10.org/~krgn/files/ which seems great for day-to-day
work and sound-production. runs for 3 days now, few suspend to RAM, no
reboot since, and worked out of the box.

It passes the mplayer via wifi-NFS and jconv test without a single xrun
at 256 frames/period, 3period @ 48Ksps with HDA-intel/PCI and UA-25+USB.
JACK (ardour, rosegarden, etc) works as usual.. including
gnome,iceweasel+flash and whatever - gonna test firewire soon.

I'm considering to make this my new default; maybe  recompile it with
few minor changes (optimized for MCORE2, no generic i386) -  It also
seems to be a bit more power-hungry that - hard to tell
since former kernel does support `powertop`:
(No detailed statistics available; please enable the CONFIG_TIMER_STATS
kernel options - This option is located in the Kernel Debugging section
of menuconfig which is CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL=y in the config file)

Just for reference it's a X60s, running a
debian-lenny/sid/debian-multimedia/64studio distro mix..

I changed the USB-irq in the bios but I didn't do much besides using
rtirq.deb from 64studio and usual limits.conf with debian jackd
0.109.2. - I still have `dev.rtc.max-user-freq=8192` in sysctl.conf -
but I don't think it is being used with HPET.

What kernel/setup/system are you guys *tuning* for work, recording,
production and/or live performance.

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