[LAT] 2.6 stable

aymeric mansoux aymeric at goto10.org
Tue Aug 19 11:36:24 EDT 2008

Robin Gareus said :
> I'm currently running " #3 SMP PREEMPT RT" from
> http://guests.goto10.org/~krgn/files/ which seems great for day-to-day
> work and sound-production. runs for 3 days now, few suspend to RAM, no
> reboot since, and worked out of the box.

> It passes the mplayer via wifi-NFS and jconv test without a single xrun
> at 256 frames/period, 3period @ 48Ksps with HDA-intel/PCI and UA-25+USB.
> JACK (ardour, rosegarden, etc) works as usual.. including
> gnome,iceweasel+flash and whatever - gonna test firewire soon.

Thanks for helping testing on this.

> What kernel/setup/system are you guys *tuning* for work, recording,
> production and/or live performance.

personnaly p:d on a x22 and a x61 + a hdsp multiface with the current 
pure kernel

and will switch to karsten's soonish. 
And this will also be the default p:d kernel for the next liveCD
release, as it seems 25 and 26 are too dodgy at the moment.

If all goes well, we could use this kernel config as a basis for a
common effort to build a LAT kernel, or at least start mirror some
config on the LAT git. (any chance for mercurial instead of git?)


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