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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Aug 22 12:24:48 EDT 2008

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Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
> Tim Goetze wrote:
>> [Tim Goetze]
>>> [victor]
>>>> I was told to revert to (not possible in my specific
>>>> case, but there you go), in this list. Or to join the tuner's list.
>>> http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/patch-
>>> worked for me.  Applied cleanly and compiled well after turning off 
>>> some RCU-related preemption options that caused compilation errors, 
>>> but I was in no mood to find out the exact how and why.  So far, it 
>>> has collected a few hours of solid uptime too, but I haven't done any 
>>> latency measuring.
>> Update: on my laptop, the patched kernel boots into an 
>> endless list of tracebacks on the console.  On the main box, USB MIDI 
>> input is only read as soon as a key is pressed on the USB keyboard 
>> (the one with the letters, not the MIDI one ...).  USB MIDI out is 
>> broken, too.  So it's back to the old version.
> ah, it seems i'm not alone.

hehe , nice try. We won't let you go that easily ;)

> i'm currently recovering myself from schock after returning from 
> vacation and while trying 2.6.26.x-rt for the rentr�e it all seemed to 
> work fine except omg... midi timing is a wreck, specially wrt.alsa 
> sequencer. event delivery is completely fubar. i mean, completely. true 
> showstopper, whatever :(
> cacophony seems to be the right word to express what it is.
> however, didn't had the time to check whether NOHZ is at stake. i'm 
> certainly going back to 2.6.25.x-rt where things are still sane and 
> pleasant for a while.
> btw, having NOHZ=y (aka tickless kernel) has been the norm here, since 
> its inception

CONFIG_NO_HZ=y - same norm here; with good results iff it works.

I'll forward this email to LAT. MIDI with 2.6.26 MIDI has not been
mentioned there.

Since there's more of you LAD's compiling your own kernel that does not
work, what about posting .config, version/patchset and compiler info
before we all run into the same walls. - We're planning something like
this with http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/kernel/

Does anyone know of similar projects? How in your opinion can LAO best
supplement [rt] kernel bug tracking?

There's 2.6.26-rtX testing packages from various distributions eg:
http://linux.ilmainen.net/musix/temp/ or at
http://guests.goto10.org/~krgn/files/ more at LAT - none of which is
stable at the moment.

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