[linux-audio-user] m-audio quattro and alsa mixer

m m at iriXx.org
Wed Oct 16 16:14:00 EDT 2002


i've just got a m-audio quattro (very nice :) and have alsa running
happily... but i'm having trouble starting the alsamixer. 
i've copied in Patrick Shirkey's scripts for .asoundrc and qinit, but
when i run qinit it segfaults :(... alsamixer says 'no mixer elems
found' and when i run gnome-alsamixer i just get a blank screen with
'USB Audio Quattro' at the top. i'm getting sound fine out of
applications such as xmms though... although SpiralLoops crashes and/or
produces digital glitch noise when i import a sound.... 

any ideas?

thanks in advance


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