[linux-audio-user] m-audio quattro and alsa mixer

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Oct 17 23:35:00 EDT 2002

iriXx wrote:
> hi
> im using 0.9rc3 - should i upgrade to cvs?
> all that qinit says is "Segmentation fault" - can check dmesg / 
> /var/log/messages etc. tho if you need...
> thanks, yes its a useful script... ahh, i see, if it has no mixer elems 
> that would explain the message from alsamixer, i was worried i'd done 
> something wrong in the config. volume adjusts fine with alsaplayer but 
> xmms plays *very* loud... like i have it on about 1% and its already 
> booming... 

Try the output level button on the box. By my estimations it 
increases/decreases the volume by about 50%.

I use xmms routinely and have no problem with excessive noise.

> i do use an analog mixer at home but when im out n about with 
> the laptop i tend to just use cans (except for performance of course)...

I wouldn't even try to use it without an external mixer. I have to say 
that in terms of features I didn't exactly get what I wanted but the 
sound quality is excellent afaict.

> thanx
> m
>> Are you using cvs or 0.9rc3? Can you send the output of qinit? BTW I 
>> didn't write it. Takashi whipped it up for me while we were testing 
>> and it has become part of my startup scripts so I thought it would be 
>> useful for other users too.
>> Apart from that the quattro has no mixer elems. The only way you can 
>> adjust the volume is using the output level buttons on the box or 
>> using software mixing like in ardour, alsaplayer, xmms (equilisation). 
>> You should be using an analog mixer with it if you want to record at 
>> sufficient volumes.

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