[linux-audio-user] Re: [Ardour-users] multiple unsynced cards

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Fri Sep 13 13:55:00 EDT 2002

Thanks. I'll send that stuff along this evening when I get back to that

As a process, I'm wondering how to best create all the files. What I did for
my current modules.conf stuff was to run alsaconf twice, once for the
AP2496, and once for the RME. I then attempted to combine the two by hand,
but I don't think it worked completely right. Both sets of modules are seen
by Linux as I see RME modules get loaded at boot time, but I can't seem to
send data out through it.

The AP2496 is working because I get sound out of it's audio ports.

However, inside of Ardour I'm unclear what I'm seeing as I see something
like 10 inputs and 12 outputs. (or the other way around) Since I know the
Hammerfall has 18 in's and out's, I'm certainly not seeing all of the RME,
but I didn't think the AP2496 should have that many in's and out's. I'll
have to go back and look at it's specs, but I thought it was 4 in and 4 out.

As for asound.state, I guess that has to be generated by running alsamixer
twice and constructing it by hand? I'm not clear. I think I could do that
this weekend. I'm anxious to get both cards going soon.

Again, thanks for being the pioneer and sharing the info.

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Mark Knecht wrote:
> Patrick,
>    Are you able to run alsamixer on the multiple card?

nope. I have to set the levels for the pcm seperately. Also the quattro
doesn't have any alsamixer controls, only input/output level buttons on
the box.

>    If so, could you share your modules.conf and asound.state files? I'm
> up getting this to work with my AP2496/RME Hammerfall Light combo.

Send me your modules.conf and I'll look at them for you. Funnily enough
mine are an almost carbon copy of the examples in the alsa-docs (I
maintain the ALSA website and constructed the new version of the online
docs so maybe that's not surprising).

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