[linux-audio-user] amplifiers

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Sep 30 10:54:00 EDT 2002

   The word I got here in the US is that the Behringer mixer faders die
pretty quickly. The aren't matched very well, seem to get noisy, etc.

   Other than that folks I know are pretty happy with the new 'Euromixer'
line. YMMV.


my last off-topic post, i promise...

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> So what is wrong with Behringer then? Do you think they cheat like Bose?
> My little mixer is an excellent price performer and has no signal leak
> at full volume. I also think it does a very good job of not coloring the
> sound when the levels are set at zero.

as for price/performance ratio, behringer rocks imho. in fact, i like it
for home use when you can get used to the peculiarities of the
equipment. but behringer outboard stuff tends to be tricky in a live
situation, since for example the compressors easily distort when you
don't watch them closely. it's just not as professional, which is ok
given the price.

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