[linux-audio-user] Recommendatio wanted

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 1 13:26:34 EST 2003

Joerg wrote:

"Known bugs:
    - MIDI on SB live drive not working properly.
    - wavetable drops notes sometimes. (a good test example wanted.)"

Exactly.  No information on the cause, nor whether it is driver or not.
It is simply noted that notes are sometimes dropped with wavetable 
sythesis.  No definite conclusion can be drawn from this "bug report.".


This file caused NO problems for emu10k1 and pmidi w/EXTERNAL synth (N264).  
Rosegarden (older version) dropped many, many notes; Muse dropped many notes 
under certain types of load (switching desktop, for example), even with
external synth, even with Terratech EWX 24/96 and Roland XV-3080. 

With wavetable synthesis, I did now finally see 2 or 3 dropped notes with
pmidi.  The 8mbgmsfx.sf2 soundfont supplied by Creative Labs was worse
than a 4 MB Steinway piano-only soundfont file.  The Steinway soundfont
VERY RARELY dropped any notes.  But I could make the problem much worse by
adding load, just as Muse and Rosegarden do.  I'm not at all convinced
that this is a driver issue.  Wavetable synthesis should be more difficult
for the system than external midi, so timing with O/S's such as Linux and
Windows could be and eventually will be affected.

Anyone actually know in detail the emu10k1 driver situation?  The bug
report isn't really of any help to determine the cause.

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