[linux-audio-user] Recommendatio wanted

Joerg Anders j.anders at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Dec 2 02:31:01 EST 2003

On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:

> With wavetable synthesis...

... and that's the only thing I'm talking about ...

> I did now finally see 2 or 3 dropped notes with pmidi.

This seems to be a small problem to you, but ...

> The 8mbgmsfx.sf2 soundfont supplied by Creative Labs was worse
> than a 4 MB Steinway piano-only soundfont file.  The Steinway soundfont
> VERY RARELY dropped any notes...

... it does not occur as rarely as you might think. Bear
in mind: The ALSA developrs asked for a "good" example. Thus,
I offer a 2-staff example because I euqate "good" and "simple".(?)
The situation dramatically changes if you play a whole
orchestra.  I supply about 10 examples with my musical
score editor NoteEdit


It is practiaclly impossible to play these examples without
dropping notes. Especially if the drum or percussion fails
this is very angry. It happens also if I use the FluidR3
font. And - to make this clear - independend of whether
I play with NoteEdit or the exported MIDI files with
any arbitary MIDI player and/or sequencer or whatever
you have in mind, as long as these MIDI player/sequencer
uses the hardware wavetable synthesis.

And more important: It never occurs with AWE64 independend
of the soundfond and/or the MIDI player and/or sequencer.

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)

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