[linux-audio-user] Announcing the ultra-mega-alpha release of Specimen

Mark Knecht markknecht at comcast.net
Mon Dec 1 16:33:33 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 17:31, Peter Bessman wrote:
> At Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:37:24 -0600,
> Ryan wrote:
> > Downloaded, compiled, ran (couldn't load wavs though).  Neat anyway. 
> Wha...?  You should be able to load wavs, I have several gigs of them
> in various formats and I've been able to load them without a hitch.
> My gui design is probably unintuitive, and it isn't evident that you
> must first add a patch (action->add), then the 'Load Sample' button
> will become usable.
> > Would you mind offering a hint as to what kind of features you intend to
> > implement?
> The main goals are quality, efficiency, and flexiblity.  I want it to
> sound good, I want it to be lean and fast, and I want to leave as much
> up to the user as possible without being overly overwhelming.  In a
> more practical, short term sense, I want to support cuts; sample
> looping via several different methods; regular and granular pitch
> scaling; several built in filters; envelopes for volume, panning,
> filter cutoff, and resonance; a few built in distortions; and effects
> via the LADSPA interface.
> But first, I need to make sure the users can load wavs...
> [pb]

   Back from vacation. Took a quick second and built Specimen. It built
fine, and with your help I could load a single wave fail and play it
using the play button. This is on Alsa-1.0.0rc1.

   I'm not clear whether it is your intention that Specimen be able to
load multiple wave files on different MIDI notes today? Should I be able
to put different loops on different notes and then play them back?

   Thanks! I hope you generate a bit of interest and this turns into
something bigger and better.

Take care,

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