[linux-audio-user] ALSA: What is the website missing?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Mon Dec 1 14:52:58 EST 2003

Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey at boosthardware.com> wrote:
> As some of you already know I am the occasional webmaster/docs 
> maintainer for ALSA.
> I have been planning some additions to the site to make it more 
> accessible but before I jump into anything that could be considered a 
> facelift I would like to get some opinions from y'all.
> Can you tell me what things you would like to have on the website that
> are not already there? What things have you noticed while using it
> that are not user friendly?
> I would like to add a database for some kind of card rating system.

   IMO it would be very useful to have a detailed list of features 
supported for each soundcard and possibly some other details that might 
help in choosing the right soundcard for particular use (some info is 
already there but not very organized and mostly from users (hit and 
miss), I think it would be useful if developers chipped in and say which 
features are supported and to what extent)

   not sure how would you rate the cards - perhaps in few categories 
(game/multimedia (playback), recording, midi synth, ...)


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