[linux-audio-user] Re: ALSA: What is the website missing?

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Tue Dec 2 16:12:26 EST 2003

>> This is supposed to be the functionality of the user additions section. 
>> Writing up a specific .asoundrc for every card supported is an awesome 
>> task. It would require the developers (usually Takashi or Jaroslav) to 
>> spend the time for every device known to work. That means less actual 
>> coding. However there are plenty of people who use the devices and 
>> figure out the syntax for the .asoundrc by themselves. Recently I have 
>> been recieving about 4 useful additions per week.
>> [...]

>what about editing of the user submitted notes?

>when the number of submissions increases, it becomes harder
>to digest the information, some of it being better than others.
>Ideally it might be nice to integrate good comments into the body
>of the page. As its obviously far too much for Takashi and Jaroslav,
>how about assigning responsibility for this to someone who owns
>one of the cards. Eg i currently use the cmi8738 and would be willing
>to be editor for this card. I can imagine there might be problems
>with this, but....

Or perhaps automate it by allowing voting (was this entry useful to you?)
then allow sort by votes.

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