[linux-audio-user] jackEQ pixmaps

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Dec 3 12:34:51 EST 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:12:25AM -0600, Reuben Martin wrote:
> You can grab those same pixmaps off the Jamin project.
> That is probably not the reason behind the seg fault though. I haven't been able to get JackEQ to start without immediately seg faulting ever since the project started. The more recent versions of Jamin are starting to do the same thing as well and I have no idea why.

How recent? There was a bug in the plugin discovery code that I fixed, and
meant to port the fix to jackEQ too, but I might have forgotten.

I think I fixed in in jamin about a month ago, maybe less.

- Steve

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