[linux-audio-user] Rewrite sfxload for native ALSA

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Thu Dec 4 18:30:03 EST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 15:44, LinuxMedia wrote:
> I know that doesn't seem so bad, but I just have the feeling that if I
> try to upgrade qt3, somehow it will interfere with some config file that
>   SuSE uses and will change with the next install. This isn't the case
> with most programs, but qt3 seems to be different. It's intertwined with
> SuSE config files somehow. And of course there's links pointing to other
> qt dirs. I do upgrades a lot. It just seems that qt3 seems to be more
> intertwined with SuSE config files and I don't want to reinvent the
> wheel to install MusE.

MusE 0.6.1 depends on libjack0 (>=0.71.2) and libqt3c102-mt (>=3:3.1.1) The 
latter seems intertwined with the whole kde structure. I have it installed 
alongside kde3, but sadly not working yet.
MusE 0.6.0 runs under woody & therefore kde2 (sort of) but has b0rked some of 
my kde components, probably for similar reasons. Actually, I should qualify 
that, MusE works fine, records and everything AFAIX, but I've somewhat broken 
kde in the process. It depends (sic) on how much functionality you require 
out of kde apps. 
Of course SuSE may work differently from Debian. I really am no expert.

I used to have a working version of Timidity, but I seem to have probs with 
recent versions. I like it a lot. The working version (I don't remember which 
version, sorry) just worked. Incidentally I think all these alsamixer 
functions you speak of are a function of your soundcard rather than the mixer 
utility. Again, see disclaimer above.

Anyone who wishes to point out the error of my ways would be heartily 


tim hall

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