[linux-audio-user] Rewrite sfxload for native ALSA

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Dec 5 18:39:02 EST 2003

bredfern at calarts.edu wrote:
> Well, I decided to change over from Suse to Demudi, and on the desktop it
> went super well, and now I've got muse working with jack and iiwusynth and
> also with my hardware sblive as well. On the laptop getting the orinoco
> wirless card will take some work, Suse is easier to install, but the
> ability to get the latest version of jack and muse and even csound with
> just apt-get commands is super cool.

Yea... beleive Me, I would *love* to do the "apt-get" thing. Things like 
"Planet" where someone maintains (and keeps upgraded) all the important 
progams (and makes it easy to get them and upgrade them) is outstanding. 
I guess I'm going by the (assumption) that if a Person is going to want 
Me to set up a "Linux Audio Studio", then I might as well set up whole 
computer systems (Browers, Email, Text Editors...). This sounds like I'm 
getting "Off Topic" but I don't think I am, because it still comes down 
to introducing new People to Linux Audio. But to do that, I feel I 
(need) to set up the whole computer system.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm assuming no one would want to reboot from 
Windows to go into their Linux Audio Studio, and then say "oh yea, I 
need to email my Uncle Harry"... And then they Reboot back into 
Windows... then they send the email... then they reboot back into the 
Linux Audio Studio... After a while they will get tired of rebooting and 
go back to their Windows Audio Apps.

OK, the other option is to have a "dedicated" machine. But who's going 
to take a chance on Linux if they have to buy a whole new computer? I'm 
trying to intoduce Linux Audio to new people. And everyone I know runs 
Windows. I need to set up a duel boot situation, but keep the person 
from saying "damn, I'm tired of booting into Windows just to get any 
work done... I might as well just forget about the Linux Studio and use 
My Windows Apps". With a "complete system" If they need to email someone 
or use a text editor, they just do there business and get back to 
recording. I don't have any experience with other ditrobs. I know that 
SuSE has never let Me down in any area of computing. And that's 
important in turing People on to Linux Audio.


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