[linux-audio-user] Rewrite sfxload for native ALSA

Brian Redfern bredfern at calarts.edu
Fri Dec 5 18:52:32 EST 2003

I used to be a Planet user, but had problems with some of th packages,
while demudi has worked perfectly well, I've got kernel.org on my sources
list, so I have all the music stuff and also stuff like mysql, postgres,
apache and php as well.

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, LinuxMedia wrote:

> bredfern at calarts.edu wrote:
> > Well, I decided to change over from Suse to Demudi, and on the desktop it
> > went super well, and now I've got muse working with jack and iiwusynth and
> > also with my hardware sblive as well. On the laptop getting the orinoco
> > wirless card will take some work, Suse is easier to install, but the
> > ability to get the latest version of jack and muse and even csound with
> > just apt-get commands is super cool.
> Yea... beleive Me, I would *love* to do the "apt-get" thing. Things like 
> "Planet" where someone maintains (and keeps upgraded) all the important 
> progams (and makes it easy to get them and upgrade them) is outstanding. 
> I guess I'm going by the (assumption) that if a Person is going to want 
> Me to set up a "Linux Audio Studio", then I might as well set up whole 
> computer systems (Browers, Email, Text Editors...). This sounds like I'm 
> getting "Off Topic" but I don't think I am, because it still comes down 
> to introducing new People to Linux Audio. But to do that, I feel I 
> (need) to set up the whole computer system.
> Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm assuming no one would want to reboot from 
> Windows to go into their Linux Audio Studio, and then say "oh yea, I 
> need to email my Uncle Harry"... And then they Reboot back into 
> Windows... then they send the email... then they reboot back into the 
> Linux Audio Studio... After a while they will get tired of rebooting and 
> go back to their Windows Audio Apps.
> OK, the other option is to have a "dedicated" machine. But who's going 
> to take a chance on Linux if they have to buy a whole new computer? I'm 
> trying to intoduce Linux Audio to new people. And everyone I know runs 
> Windows. I need to set up a duel boot situation, but keep the person 
> from saying "damn, I'm tired of booting into Windows just to get any 
> work done... I might as well just forget about the Linux Studio and use 
> My Windows Apps". With a "complete system" If they need to email someone 
> or use a text editor, they just do there business and get back to 
> recording. I don't have any experience with other ditrobs. I know that 
> SuSE has never let Me down in any area of computing. And that's 
> important in turing People on to Linux Audio.
> Rocco

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