[linux-audio-user] License free Linux ??

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Dec 5 20:48:28 EST 2003

>> ...But it doesn't seem like a good business plan to sell a CD of
>> something that can be downloaded even on a modem in a reasonable amount of
>> time.

> You over-estimate the typical Windows user's technical self-confidence.
> Putting a CD in the drive, figuring out how to find the icon for it and
> double clicking on "SETUP.EXE" is adventurous enough to break out a cold
> sweat for many.

Yea, unfortunalty, People who understand computers don't always realize 
that the "average" Person understands *nothing* about computers *other* 
than booting, clicking an icon and shutting down. Seriously. These are 
the People I'm thinking about (constantly) when I set My goals on 
setting up Linux Audio Studios.

It may sound odd, but I'm actually lucky that I'm not a "natural" at 
computers. I struggle like hell to understand everything. But because of 
this, I think I understand the "average computer user".

Please don't think I'm putting anyone down (this community is great!!!). 
But in all the years of learning computer related stuff, I can recall 
the term "it's easy" so many times and came to realize that it means 
"(I've) been working with comptuers for years so (You) should know how 
to do it by now". I think that puts Linux at a disadvatage when it comes 
to the "average" user. And there have been some "computer minded" people 
that I've known that have *never* understood that. I hope I can be a 
bridge to the "average" user.

I know that Microsoft broke some very serious laws that helped them get 
(serious) advantage of the Market. But (the impression I get) is that 
very few People realize the *other* reason why Windows has grabbed the 
Market... They've done everything they can to "dummy proof" using the 

I'm perfectly happy constanly working with developing Software and 
spending hours and hours testing this, sharing this info and that info, 
and testing and setting up things. So I'm happy with being part of this 
community. It's very creative and exciting. But if the software is going 
to end up in the "general" community, then it needs to be a click away 
from setting up and intuitive to run.

Although, I have no idea if any of the Linux/Audio developers are 
interested in their software going anywhere outside of the "Linux 
Community". And that's O.K. if they want to develop strickly for folks 
like us. I know that I (personally) want to turn other People on to 
these great programs. But that's just Me. So I spend tons of time trying 
to figure out how to make things easier and more intuitive to use.


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