[linux-audio-user] Success with midi

Eduardo Guerrero felixe at domovolcanico.com
Sat Dec 6 04:00:53 EST 2003

Hi, this success story with my midi setup is dedicated to all of you who 
have helped me these days.

I'm finally being able to play with my keyboard the sounds generated by 
ZynAddSubFX hearing them coming out from the speakers as I play. That's 
great by itself due to the almost unlimited capabilities of Zyn. Then I 
got stereo sound which was previously unavailable. Frankly I don't know 
the reason, but when I upgraded from Mandrake 9.1 to 9.2 panning started 
to work properly.

Then I have Hydrogen. I'm making some good beats with it and playing 
along with my keyboard. This brings me to my 2 questions:

- Is there a way to mix levels of the audio streams going to the 
alsa_pcm port? I have the possibility of turning up or down the volume 
in Zyn but it isn't as flexible as it could be since, in this case, 
Hydrogen doesn't have a volume control (or I haven't figured out where 
is it).

- Can I use some FX on the audio stream? A filter bank, a reverb or a 
delay line can do wonders to the already-wonderful sound I now have. 
With audio stream I'm referring to the mixed sounds coming from Zyn and 
Hydrogen to the alsa_pcm port (labeled as input, but in my point of view 
it could be the output port --sorry for being selfish here).

- Is there a way to share bpm information between apps? For syncing 
delays it would be great not to have to fire up the delay calculator. I 
don't have many, if any, programming skills but I guess it would be as 
simple as using an environment variable. Perhaps the functionality is 
already there but I haven't found it or nobody uses it.

For mixing levels right now I'm thinking that a possible solution could 
be to program the whole song in Hydrogen and then using it on MusE or 
Rosegarden but a lower-level mixer (lower in the sense of operating at 
the alsa level) seems conceptually more interesting.

Thank you for the previous help received and for the future comments 
this post will surely arise. The spirit on this mailing list is beautiful.


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