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Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Dec 6 10:04:47 EST 2003

LinuxMedia wrote:

>> You over-estimate the typical Windows user's technical self-confidence.
>> Putting a CD in the drive, figuring out how to find the icon for it and
>> double clicking on "SETUP.EXE" is adventurous enough to break out a cold
>> sweat for many.
> Yea, unfortunalty, People who understand computers don't always 
> realize that the "average" Person understands *nothing* about 
> computers *other* than booting, clicking an icon and shutting down. 
> Seriously. These are the People I'm thinking about (constantly) when I 
> set My goals on setting up Linux Audio Studios.
> It may sound odd, but I'm actually lucky that I'm not a "natural" at 
> computers. I struggle like hell to understand everything. But because 
> of this, I think I understand the "average computer user". 

I'll share a short story. Recently I had the experience of setting up a 
friend's computer with Windows 2000. It was an upgrade from a Win98SE 
system that had become so thoroughly virus infected (it was on the net 
with no firewall or other protection) that I thought the best thing to 
do would be to upgrade the system. So I did, and with the help of a 
Windows-savvy friend I spent *5 hours* applying M$'s suggested security 
patches. When I delivered the machine it was working like a champ. Three 
days later my friends called me to complain that "the computer was 
bogging down again and didn't work". Okay, so I finally get over there 
and discover the following items :

    1. The virus protection had been disabled.
    2. What they call a "computer" we know as a "browser".
    3. The machine was fine, their network software configuration had 
been changed.
    4. The DSL modem needed reset.

Now, the guy who owns this machine can disassemble a Harley-Davidson and 
put it back together blindfolded. He's not stupid, but he is, as you 
write, totally ignorant about computers. When he says "memory" I now 
know he means disk space; when he says "computer" I now know that he's 
referring to the Web browser. And so on... Of course he has no idea how 
things got changed on the system. It is hard to determine: there's so 
much adware, spyware, and other crap out there, and I'm missing all of 
it thanks to Linux. Geez, I didn't realize that Windows users *pay* for 
programs to eliminate pop-up and pop-under ads. Mozilla just has a nice 
little toggle in its settings, no cost at all !

So I went over two days ago and repaired the system again. It does seem 
that the virus protection conflicts somehow with one of the M$ security 
packs, but I'm damned if I can figure it out. My Windows-savvy pal is 
going to help me out again, but this is the last time we're trying to 
fix things. To say that Windows 2000 is something of a "bare" system is 
an understatement. Few diagnostic tools, and even fewer real solutions 
beyond the M$CE mantra : "Reboot, reinstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot, 

So I agree. The typical computer user knows next to nothing about this 
device which has become so important in our daily lives, which sets them 
up to become victims of their own ignorance. I can understand why you're 
concerned about making the Linux experience as painless as possible, but 
you've got a big task ahead of you, as I'm sure you know.

Best regards,

== dp

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