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Gustavo Zamorano S. gzsuniq at
Mon Dec 8 12:33:28 EST 2003

How far are we to see MS Excell for Linux?

What about Visio for Linux?... This one should run better in Linux than 
in MS Windows because of unlimited memory usage.

Apple MacOS is already working on Linux!... I predicted that Windows 
2017 will be on  Linux... I call it MS Wintix ( Windos NT on Linux).

Do we have to wait until B. Gates's son takes control of MS?.. Or Bill 
can change his mind before that.


eviltwin69 at wrote:
> Yeah, and (God I hate to say this) Micro$oft Excel is actually a damn good product.  On it's own merits it beats the pants off just about anything else out there.
> Jan
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> On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 07:01, John Bleichert wrote:
>>On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 eviltwin69 at wrote:
>>>My wife is the comptroller for a US Navy activity.  She is the ultimate hard-core Excel user ;-)  Neither Open Office nor Gnumeric can handle the macros that she uses.
>>Yeah, I bet. That's a difficult switch. Although, to be fair, OO Calc or
>>Gnumeric would work fine if she chose to re-program all those macros in
>>their native macro languages ;-) (Does gnumeric have one? I haven't used
>>it in years)
> In my experience this isn't the way the world works. She's probably
> receiving Excel spreadsheets from others that already have stuff
> embedded that won't work with Linux tools. I ran into this problem big
> time when we looked at Star Office and Open Office for work. We couldn't
> use either as their compatibility with both Word and Excel wasn't good
> enough and broke our compatibility with both our vendors and our
> customers.
> As someone who runs a business, why would I want to pay someone $600 to
> fix 10 documents when I can buy Microsoft's tools for $300 and have
> guaranteed compatibility? That's a tough sell...

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