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Mark Knecht mknecht at
Mon Dec 8 12:36:57 EST 2003

> Yeah, and (God I hate to say this) Micro$oft Excel is actually a
> damn good product.  On it's own merits it beats the pants off
> just about anything else out there.
> Jan

"it beats the pants off just about anything else out there"

Name one that is Excel's equal or really even close? I can't.
(unfortunately.) Excel is a tremendous application. It's probably the only
really good application M$ has ever done. It's solid, fast, and has the most
features of any spreadsheet I know of. It works day in and day out. Everyone
uses it, so I *have* to have it available.

Word has gotten a lot better in recent years. For doing specifications I
moved to Framemaker years ago because Word couldn't hack it, but I think it
could today. (possibly)

One problem that comes up with Star Office and Open Office is that they may
open and deal with documents correctly, or appear to, but when you send them
back to an M$ Office user they often complain that they have trouble opening
them or that fonts have changed, etc.

M$ Office under Codeweavers is a good solution to the problem of needing to
remain 100% compatible. There are those of us that need to. My son uses Open
Office on his Linux PC for school work. Mostly it's OK, although last week
it started printing a ' ? ' instead of a '  "  '. Go figure...

- Mark

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