Is the Linux desktop really here ? was: Re: [linux-audio-user] ebayguy: looks like he figured it out

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at
Mon Dec 8 13:08:52 EST 2003

The one app my wife uses for which I don't know of a free software
replacement is MS Publisher. Does anyone have any experience with this
and know if it will run under crossover office? If so I could probably
convice her to switch to a linux desktop.

-Eric Rz.

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 09:46:31AM -0500, John Bleichert wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 eviltwin69 at wrote:
> >
> > Dave,
> >
> >     The one thing that I would do (I had to do this for my wife because she has to have Excel for her job) is to buy Crossover Office and Crossover plugin so that you can load Micro$oft Orifice and some nice browser plugins.  It's well worth the 70 bucks and then they don't have to worry about format problems.  Of course, you do have to own a copy of Micro$oft Orifice first ;-)  Do you get the feeling that I'm not a big fan of Micro$oft ;-D
> >
> > Jan
> >
> Bull. For a standard desktop user, flash and java work fine in Mozilla.
> I've moved half my family over to Slackware/Mozilla/OpenOffice for the
> same reasons the O.P. is doing it. It works fine for all of them, nearly
> bulletproof. I've even convinced my Sister (with the help of my nephew) to
> use Mozilla for web and email and OO on her XP laptop. Been doing fine for
> a year now.
> Unless the target user is a really hardcore MS Office user, there is
> nothing they'll need CodeWeavers for. If they are, that's a different
> story. Just my 2 pfennig.
> Sorry for the OT follow-up.

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