[linux-audio-user] [admin] topic?

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Tue Dec 9 04:06:49 EST 2003

hi everyone!

this list has been very busy lately with off-topic exchanges on linux 
(and windows!) applications and their respective advocacy in general. 
the off-topic traffic seems to be drowning the audio-related discussions.

i don't really mind and it's not up to me do decide, but i'd like to ask 
you to consider all the folks out there with crammed inboxes who thought 
they were subscribing to an audio list ;)

in any case, the discussions (whether on-topic or not) show what a nice 
place lau has become, and how much people like to hang out and just chat 
about anything. ;) take my comment as a suggestion only, if you feel you 
need to reply, consider to do it in private mail, and for a quick chat 
about not-so-on-topic things with your linux audio pals, try #lad at 
freenode.org. (and come to karlsruhe and to linuxconf.au and to linuxtag 
  next year, of course!)

all the best,


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