[linux-audio-user] [admin] topic?

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Tue Dec 9 06:18:00 EST 2003

I just noticed that PD has four different lists: pd-list, pd-dev, pd-announce,
and off-topic. About off-topic it says:

- This list is intended to be a forum for the pd-community that allows
the discussion of things apart from pure-data.
- It is probably a good idea, to subscribe to this list too, since
off-topic threads on the main list will eventually be moved to this list
(by users, not by the administrator)


I think this is a pretty good idea, even though the signal noise ratio
of linux-audio-user/dev is very reasonable as it is. But the lists _do_
have a lot of traffic, and splitting off some of it into a seperate list
might be a good idea. Maybe Joern could ask the PD admin if this
approach has been satisfying?


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