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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Dec 9 07:11:14 EST 2003

Re: Maarten suggests an OT list, as the PD list has.

Setting up an OT list, for me, just seems like a concession to folks 
whose nettiquette would better benefit from a bit of self-restraint.

My impression, backed up by a quick scan of the PD-OT archives, was 
always that the list was set up as a concession to a certain eNNtitity 
who will remain NNameless, so that all its spam and machine-gibberish 
poetry could go there instead of the main list, rather than simply 
force-unsubbing it.

The eNNtity doesn't bother with it anymore, but it still looks a bit 
more like a catch-all for spam than a lively forum. There was a great 
thread on books there last month, but in general any of the worthwhile 
topics could have graced the PD list w/o any complaint.

I have never seen a topic on the PD list which was recommended to be 
moved to the OT list. On the other hand, I *have* seen people directed 
to other lists when asking questions about Max/MSP or other OT software.

I think any civilized user of a specialized, technical discussion list 
needs to know for themselves when something is OT. Then they should 
really question whether or not we NEED another 30+ postings on the given 
topic [be it feeding trolls, M$ spreadsheet compatibility or whatever] 
before continuing. If they really believe the group will be enlightened, 
they should still mark it [ot], as I have for this potentially 
unenlightening post ;-)

my two eurocents,

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