[linux-audio-user][ot][admin] topic?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Dec 9 07:59:11 EST 2003


  My apologies, I should have specified [OT] about ten posts ago. I am 
very grateful for the informative and helpful responses I gathered from 
the list. While I understand clearly why we want to avoid constant 
non-relevant discussions I must add that at times I like to ask 
questions regarding more general issues, and I specifically like to ask 
the members of this list (that's what you guys get for being so smart ;).

  Anyway, I agree with Joern and I realize that banking under Linux Web 
browsers can't really be stretched to qualify as an audio-related topic. 
I'll be sure to get [OT] in there the next time.

  And I was so emphatic about the list's on-topic tendency in my LJ 
column... bad Dave, bad Dave... ;-)

Best always,

== dp

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