[linux-audio-user] Re: Fwd: [sos] Linux audio apps in the real world

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Thu Dec 11 05:50:18 EST 2003

> Apparently there is a studio called Mirror Image that is using
> Ardour to record with, and I was wondering if you had specific
> details... 

Yes - I've written a feature on Mirror Image which I'm told should be 
in the February issue of Sound on Sound, which will actually come out 
around the second week of January.  The interview is with Ron Parker, 
who is responsible for the Linux setup there. Mirror Image is in 
Minneapolis, Minnesota - I don't know how far that is from you.

> I'm building my next computer, and I'll be getting a small digital
> board... either the Yamaha 01V96 or the Tascam DM-24 (I'm stuck on
> that choice, but leaning towards the 01V96).  If I knew for sure
> that Ardour worked well, I may give it a try, but if all I could
> expect were alot of time consuming problems, I'd go with something
> else...

What I hear from regular Ardour users is that the program is 
approaching the stability required for day in day out use, but some 
tweaking is still required. Building a Linux audio workstation 
yourself is a learning experience, and if you don't want to invest 
the time to learn about the technology then it may not be for you. 

However, Linux audio systems may require a smaller financial 
investment than proprietary solutions, by way of compensation. I'd 
say going down the DIY route is great for people who want to learn 
and can invest the time but don't have so much money. If you have 
money but no time, you can pay a consultant to build any system you 

If you have no time to spare and no money, then I guess you need to 
sort that out first before you can do any kind of recording work, 
because any solution is going to require an investment of both time 
and money.

Personally, I find that I get a lot out of my interaction with the 
Linux audio community that I wouldn't get from a traditional software 
vendor. I recommend that you join the Linux Audio Users mailing list 
as a first step to find out the kind of things that people are doing: 



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