[linux-audio-user] Recording from SPDIF with SB live

lau at hippie-online.de lau at hippie-online.de
Thu Dec 11 15:54:01 EST 2003

lau at hippie-online.de wrote:
>> I would like to record directly from my DAT recorder (48 kHz) via SPDIF.
>> As a greenhorn in harddisk recording I expect that there should be a way
>> to get an exact copy of the data on the tape with no input level / mixer
>> and no DA-AD conversion in between?!
>> Unfortunately so far I did not succeed in recording from the SPDIF-input
>> at all. I am just able to route the DAT signal to the analog line out by
>> setting its volume using alsamixer. But the SPDIF-in does not appear in
>> other mixers like kmix and the signal is not available in recording
>> programs like audacity or krecord. :-(
>> I am using:
>> - SuSE 8.2 / kernel 2.4.20 / i86
>> - alsa 0.9.0
>> - emu10k1
>> - Soundblaster live! rev. 4

Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
> i don't have an spdif source, so i can't test, but it used to work on my 
> sblive when i set the capture flag in alsamixer on "IEC958 Coaxial" 
> *and* the "capture" channel.

Yes, you are right, this works (and is not possible using alsamixergui)
- thank you! *But* it definitely results in a DA-AD conversion because
- I can record in arbitrary sampling rates without problems
- When I stop the tape the input level remains about -70 dB

Is this a particular weakness of the SB live? What card supports exact
recording from SPDIF-in?


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