[linux-audio-user] How to record PCM signal?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Dec 12 23:59:23 EST 2003

Eduardo Guerrero wrote on Fri, 12-Dec-2003:

 > Hi, I'm trying to record what I play with Zynaddsubfx and Hydrogen in a 
 > stereo wav file but haven't got results so far using Audacity and 
 > QARecord. My card is a sblive and for everything it works fine. I've 
 > been testing different settings on the connection panel in qjackctl but 
 > still nothing. It seems like I'm not routing the audio as it should go. 
 > Any pointers?
The easiest way to do this under JACK is to start jack with the
Monitor parameter enabled.  This will add a few more ports to
alsa_pcm which produce the data that is being sent out the corresponding
hardware playback port.  You can use the monitor ports as input
to qarecord to capture everything you hear from your playback

Unfortunately, the most recent release of JACK has a bug that
prevents some cmdline options from working (including the monitor
option, even from qjackctl).  As an alternative you can connect the outputs from hydrogen
and zynadd to the inputs of qarecord directly.


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