[linux-audio-user] Cooledit substitutes?

r7 r4nd0m7 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 01:18:40 EST 2003

Hi people
Apologies for interrupting with a rather basic

I'm a new subscriber with a fondness for Cooledit. I'm
not currently a Linux user but am considering getting
a new ibook and installing linux on that.
However I was wondering if anyone could suggest an
editor/multitrack with a similar interface with
Cooledit to ease the transition woes. 

I found Audacity (the PC version) a little difficult
maneouvre for my purposes. My current working method
involves using several large audio files (say 10-20
min each) and many more smaller ones which I then
splice into smaller sections (anything from 1 second
to 3 mins).I then rearrange these sections in the
multitrack screen.

Someone suggested Sweep in the archives. Is there
anything else anyone would suggest to minimise the
transition pain? 

Any help much appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


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