[linux-audio-user] rme Digi96/8 adat

hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu
Sat Dec 13 05:09:13 EST 2003

>> From: hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu [mailto:hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu]
>> Have you managed to find a solution to this problem?  I am 
>> having the same 
>> issues.
>> Thanks,
>> James

>Most of my problems were fixed with the addition of three new features:
>1) Jack knows to use controller 0 when accessing device 1
>2) Jack makes a 16 bit connection when the connected interface doesn't 
support 32 bit
>3) The ability to tell Jack how many ports to make available.
>What kind of problems are you having?


Specifically, I am interested in the third item.  I have successfully 
captured and sent 2 channel audio from both dev 0 and 1, but I (as I am 
VERY new to ALSA and the .asoundrc voodoo) have not been able to use all 8 
channels of ADAT optical io.  The goal of my setup is to capture 8 streams 
into Ardour via jackd from the ADAT in but I have yet to figure out how to 
access all of the interleaved data.  Please excuse me if my difficulty is 
naive but as I said I am new to the finer workings of alsa and am eager to 
get some direction beyond the fragments found in news group archives.


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