[linux-audio-user] JAMin

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 13 10:34:42 EST 2003

I neglected to copy the LAU on my email back to Jack O'Quin regarding 
compilation of the CVS version of JAMin.

In case others are having similar problems: 

I'm seeing "BLAH/downloads/jamin/jam/src/geq.c:126: undefined reference to

I have a mixed setup here, and old RH6.2 that has been heavily upgraded
to the newest kernels, newer libs, etc.  I do have old C libs (2.1).  It 
appears that configure checks the C lib for dgettext.  It didn't find there,
but did find dgettext in libintl.  However, the configure script doesn't
check for libintl_dgettext.  This variable is also defined in the newer 
libintl that I have.  It seems to me that the configure script should have
added -lintl in my case, but didn't for some reason.  If it had done that,
everything would have worked, but perhaps there is a good reason not to
add it in most cases.
I provided some other information to Jack O'Quin who responded to my 
post with a query posted to LAU (thanks, Jack!), but won't post that here 
unless someone really wants to know.

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