[linux-audio-user] rme Digi96/8 adat

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Sat Dec 13 21:28:55 EST 2003

From: hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu [mailto:hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu] 
>>3) The ability to tell Jack how many ports to make available.

>Specifically, I am interested in the third item.  I have successfully
>captured and sent 2 channel audio from both dev 0 and 1, but I (as I am
>VERY new to ALSA and the .asoundrc voodoo) have not been able to use all 8
>channels of ADAT optical io.  The goal of my setup is to capture 8 streams
>into Ardour via jackd from the ADAT in but I have yet to figure out how to
>access all of the interleaved data.  Please excuse me if my difficulty is
>naive but as I said I am new to the finer workings of alsa and am eager to
>get some direction beyond the fragments found in news group archives.

That option is available in the alsa driver options within Jack. Perhaps you might try qjackctl, it might make everything a bit easier, especially for somebody new to Alsa, jack etc.


Also check out the RME Digi96/8 section in the alsa wiki, I've been keeping it up to date and it might help you out a bit.



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