[linux-audio-user] rme Digi96/8 adat

hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu
Sun Dec 14 03:08:58 EST 2003

Thanks much.  I found the problem was a little error in my modules.conf 
file.  Now that I have my card working to its fullest potential, I am 
having some difficulty with xruns.  Most of my projects are rather long 
recordings but I cannot seem to make ardour work for more than 8 or so 
minutes before an xrun in jack stops the transport.  I have tried the jack 
startup settings from the wiki (the rme_adat ones) and have not been able 
to get them to work.  I am currently using -R -t 2000 -d alsa -d rme_adat 
-r 44100 -p 256 -n8 -zs -H -M which seems to give me the longest stretch 
of recording time.  I would like to bump up the period length to -p 512 
but jack will not accept anything above -p 256 (64 works though).  Any 


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