[linux-audio-user] rme Digi96/8 adat

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Sun Dec 14 17:49:24 EST 2003

> From: hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu [mailto:hayesjaj at notes.udayton.edu]
> Now that I have my card working to its fullest potential, I am 
> having some difficulty with xruns.  Most of my projects are 
> rather long 
> recordings but I cannot seem to make ardour work for more 
> than 8 or so 
> minutes before an xrun in jack stops the transport.  I have 
> tried the jack 
> startup settings from the wiki (the rme_adat ones) and have 
> not been able 
> to get them to work.  I am currently using -R -t 2000 -d alsa 
> -d rme_adat 
> -r 44100 -p 256 -n8 -zs -H -M which seems to give me the 
> longest stretch 
> of recording time.  

There could be any number of reasons for xruns. My first question would be, have you applied the capabilities patch to the kernel and compiled support into jack? Are you using a tmpfs file system for jack's FIFO? What version of jack are you using?

>I would like to bump up the period length 
> to -p 512 
> but jack will not accept anything above -p 256 (64 works 
> though).

This card has a fixed buffer size and will only work with with the number of periods set to 8 or 32. When using the adat device, the only combinations that will work (with 32 bit word size) are "-p 256 -n 8" and "-p 64 and -n 32". You bump the period length up to 512 but only if you are in 16 bit mode.


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