[linux-audio-user] sfc-0.013 Released.

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Wed Dec 17 14:19:12 EST 2003

sfc (SoundFontCombi) is a midi router oriented to mix sounds of your
sound devices, up to 8 sounds can be mixed or split, for do that has six
midi out ports and two midi in ports, up to six different devices can be used
to produce combinations of sounds like some synthesizers.

The connection with your devices are automatized, then you can load/save
your "mixes" in banks of sounds, and change it via Midi Program Change
message or by the computer.

sfc take the advantages of ALSA sequencer for do that an of course you can
use any kind of device who recognizes midi messages to produce sound, like
emu10k1 hardware shythesizer, Timidity. FluidSynth, ZynAddSubFX, external
expanders o synthesizers .... anything you want.

Then you only need put Ardour in record mode and play .. :-)

== v0.0013 (17/12/2003) ==
- Load bank by config settings.
- Improved window settings.
- Small bug fixes.
- Solved bug changing programs.
- Added ability to change programs in main window.
- Solved bug in help command line.
- Load GMPresetList.txt by default.
- Removed graphic thread solving CPU time bug.
- Use GNU/Autotools scripts.

sfc is available in:




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