[linux-audio-user] Cooledit substitutes?

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu Dec 18 12:49:06 EST 2003

>From: r7 <r4nd0m7 at yahoo.com>
>Apologies for interrupting with a rather basic

But that kind of questions reveal what we are missing.
It could be better you to continue using Cooledit.

I use Audacity nearly daily and would use it more if it would
not miss some features. Audacity and Rosegarden have quite bad
audio engines: Audacity freezes completely if one has several
tracks (even if only one track is soloed), and Rosegarden skips
segments and plays segments at wrong speed.

I would not go to any exhibition and show Linux audio yet.
Good luck for you who do that.

I'm quite critical user (if pointing out malfunctions can be called
"critic"), so, if anyone of you developer would like to have my feedback
on your software, please let me know. I will install latest version of
your software and will tell what happens and what I experience. Maybe
such a feedback could lead to a better software. I cannot myself
go and fix 20+ Linux audio software even I would like to do that.


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