[linux-audio-user] linux kernel 2.6.0

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Fri Dec 19 13:34:16 EST 2003

> > My experience with 2.6, and also the impression I have got 
> from reading
> > linux-audio-dev, is actually the opposite. The 2.6.0 kernel is worse
> > for multimedia work, because the latency is higher than 
> 2.4.0 with the
> > low-latency patch. I don't know mathematical that this is 
> correct, but it
> > seems so.
> This is my experience, too, comparing a 2.4 with low latency patches
> to an unpatched 2.6 kernel.

I'm not too concerned with the 2.6.0 kernel. I'm more interested in the 2.6.1 kernel after Andrew Morton has merged his patch set into the official kernel. Does anybody know what type of effect, if any, his patch set has on multimedia work?


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