[linux-audio-user] Jack 0.61.0 release

Taybin taybin at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 5 20:04:30 EST 2003

Jack Audio Connection Kit 0.61.0 Release

The Jack team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.61.0 of
the Jack low-latency audio server. Jack allows applications to share
data and audio devices in synchronous operation, and has already seen a
year of hard testing and refinement. The API has stabilized for the
foreseeable future, although backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.
More information on Jack is available at the group's web site,

What's new:
	* In-process client support.
	* documentation updates.
	* bug fixes.

Developers and users interested in Jack should sign up to jackit-devel,
our mailing list.

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