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DevDSP Info info at devdsp.net
Mon Mar 10 06:25:01 EST 2003

> > Sweep is quite a nice audio editor, if not that great at working with
> > large sound files:
> thanks! it has the functionality of x-fades which is really nice,
> and audacity doesn't. but... hmmm... whats this about large sound files...
> what happens?? <worries about spending hours to have it swept and mangled>

They don't get mangled, don't worry :)

They just take forever to load, because Sweep loads the entire file in RAM, and, 
as you can imagine, the party's over as soon as you run out of RAM.

So it depends how much RAM you have and how big your files are ( +/- 10 MB per
minute at 44.1 kHz stereo, 16 bit)

Matthijs de Jonge
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