[linux-audio-user] simple apps

Paul Bame bame at riverrock.org
Mon Mar 10 23:24:01 EST 2003

> Now this is a vsound (0.5) problem I've had for a while. It occurs on
> realmedia files. Somewhen during the stream realplayer just closes. This
> is what it says:
> cygnus:~/mars> vsound --timing -f output.wav realplay
> _1790918_blur_beagle_vi.ram
> About to start the application. The output will not be available until the
> application exits.
> /usr/bin/vsound: line 163:  1366 Aborted
> LD_PRELOAD="$pkglibdir/libvsound.so" "$@"

I find I have to use vsound -t

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