[linux-audio-user] Dirty, Nasty Raunchy Guitars

Matthew Yee-King yeeking at no-future.com
Wed Mar 12 14:18:00 EST 2003

> I am a metal guitar player.  I like a heavily saturated guitar tone. Could 
> someone point me in the right direction for processing a clean guitar signal 
> in real-time such that it can (even partially - i like weird sounding stuff) 
> emulate tube circuitry.  I am thinking a chain of LADSPA plug-ins would do 
> the job.  The sound im looking for doesn't have to emulate anything to a T, 
> it just has to be raunchy (think Nine Inch Nails - Broken, or any Nine Inch 
> Nails album for that matter).

i reckon you should run your axe through jack rack using the steve's swh 
ladspa plugs



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