[linux-audio-user] Devices in Audacity

John Ouzts jouzts at mcgalumni.com
Wed Mar 19 12:24:01 EST 2003

I just did a fresh Gentoo 1.4 install in a new machine with an RME 96/8 PAD 
card, which uses the rme96 driver. System sounds now come to my hifi system 
through the rme card, so I think the driver is loading and working.  

I cannot get Audacity or Ardour to record, however. Audacity works fine in the 
same machine when using the monopolist's operating system, however. Running 
on that partition, Audacity finds 11 or 12 sound devices, the 8 RME channels 
and the builtin VIA sound chip devices. Under Linux, Audacity only finds 
/dev/dsp, and sometimes not that. 

How do I get Audacity to see other devices, or is that my problem?


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