[linux-audio-user] How can I make CDDB info become the file name?

Steven P. Ulrick spu at faith4miracle.org
Thu Mar 20 02:22:00 EST 2003

Hello, everyone :)
I have been teaching myself to do all my work with extracting from and
recording to CD's from the command line, using Red Hat Linux 8.  I have
been having excellent success, but there's one thing I haven't been able
to figure out.  Before posting this, I studied the man pages for
cdrecord, cdparanoia, cdda2wav and lame, and I couldn't find what I was
looking for, so here goes: is there any way that I can have the song
titles that I download from CDDB be automatically made into the
filenames of the tracks that I extract or encode?  Example: I just ran
cdda2wav -vall cddb=0 -D0,1,0 -B -Owav from the command line, and I got
the following output (suitably clipped):

Album title: 'Mansion Builder'	[from 2nd Chapter Of Acts]
Track  1: 'Rod And Staff'
Track  2: 'Mansion Builder'
Track  3: 'Ps. 93'
Track  4: 'Gold In The Clouds'
Track  5: 'I'll Give My Life Away'
Track  6: 'Rainbow'
Track  7: 'Well, Haven't You Heard'
Track  8: 'Lightning Flash'
Track  9: 'Starlight, Starbright'
Track 10: 'Make My Life A Prayer To You'
Track 11: 'Daydreamer'

Later in the output, I got messages like these:
track  1 'Rod And Staff' successfully recorded
track  2 'Mansion Builder' successfully recorded
track  3 'Ps. 93' successfully recorded

Here are the file names relating to the above samples:

Is there any way that, instead of the filenames being like those above,
that I can just have them come out this way, so that I can save having
to manually rename them if I want to make an mp3 cd (our DVD player
displays the folder names and track titles on our TV :)):
Mansion Builder - 2nd Chapter Of Acts.wav
Ps. 93 - 2nd Chapter Of Acts.wav
Rod And Staff - 2nd Chapter Of Acts.wav

I just tried k3b, and it created a 2nd Chapter Of Acts/Mansion Builder
folder, and it put the following automatically in it:
Mansion Builder.wav
Ps. 93.wav
Rod And Staff.wav

If anyone can enlighten me on how to do that from the command line, I
would be very appreciative :).  I don't care if I have to use a
different command than I've been using, as I'm willing to learn :)

Steven P. Ulrick

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