[linux-audio-user] How can I make CDDB info become the file name?

Guy Clotilde guy.clotilde at wanadoo.fr
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"Steven P. Ulrick" <spu at faith4miracle.org> wrote / a écrit quelque

> is there any way
> that I can have the song titles that I download from CDDB be
> automatically made into the filenames of the tracks that I extract
> or encode?  Example: I just ran cdda2wav -vall cddb=0 -D0,1,0 -B
> -Owav from the command line, and I got the following output
> (suitably clipped):

I think grip can help you:
in the config window there is:
extraction prog: /usr/bin/cdda2wav
command line option: -D %C -x -H -t %t -O wav %w
file format: /BURN/%A/%d/%t_%n.wav   (with a /BURN directory on your disk)
It works for me.

Have a nice day
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